The story of our champagne started over 200 years ago. The vinyard is located at Celles-sur-Ource, in the Aube Valley close to the Burgundy, The field has beautiful parcels of vines, well exposed and enjoying quality related Burgundian soil. A land, which reveals itself over time, as these territories were long disputed by the County of Burgundy and the County of Champagne. Finally, the Comtes de Champagne established its legitimacy and its current reputation.


The bottles are stored in the cellar, deep and cool, which operate the second fermentation in the bottle. They are placed on the neck panels slightly inclined downwards for the purpose of lowering the deposit to the neck of the bottle.
We turned 1-3 times a day for several weeks. Then they are ready to be disgorged.

The cellar is a special place. The arches, soft lighting and smells combine to give you a unique feeling of peace and quiet, with the spectacle of thousands of future bottles of champagne.


South of the Champagne vineyards Cellois are spread on the sunny slopes of the Ource valley. The vines benefit from a base of chalky sediments with a clay-limestone surface layer that create essential to the culture of Champagne vineyards conditions.   Pinot Noir provides body and ability for ageing. Chardonnay provides the freshness and elegancy. Pinot Blanc gives the flower and fruit aromas   All conditions of soil, climate and grapes combine to give the champagnes a unique flavor, bouquet, and personality that cannot be found anywhere else.


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